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Scratchpad ++ (decoupled from main arrangement, Export Scratchpad as foldertrack in Musicloop)

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asked Feb 27, 2020 in Editing by ansolas (3,110 points)
retagged Dec 5, 2020 by ansolas
It would  be useful if the scratchpad could be decoupled track wise from the  main Arrangement.
Maybe a optional, additional mode.
That would  make experimenting with things more flexible.
The icing on that cake would  be the ability to export the scratchpad with all its content as Musicloop !
For example encapsulated in a bussed folder. (A Folder with a bus assigned)
Imagine, you jam around, totally free in scratchpad and then just drag and drop it to the  maintimeline and you get it as a bussed foldertrack :)  – perfect

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