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Is there a way to add Scratch Pad to Artis 5?

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asked May 14, 2021 in Editing by aishaabdul (130 points)
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Recently switched to Studio One, I upgraded from Prime to Artist for the scratch pad (so I don't have a bunch of versions of one song, my folders are a mess lol). Just found out there is none. Is there an add on pack/bundle to add on the scratch pad? Is the only way to upgrade to Professional? This the only DAW without a notepad feature for lyrics and phrase ideas as well...

koreymontplaisir- THANK YOU. If you could hear the shriek that came out when I saw that song note pad, I made a shortcut and everything lol Also I didn't know I could do that and just save each event! I'll make a folder for versions of each song! You're a life saver, thank you for the help!!

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answered May 15, 2021 by KoreyCreative (2,070 points)
Note pad is Song - Song Information - Song Notes / Track Notes. I have Studio One pro, and stay away from scratch pads as I've had issues in the past with it.

I'm not sure how artist works, but if you can, I would make a sample folder (if you don't already have one) and inside that start exporting events out from Studio One as music loops. Just drag and drop any event into the folder and it should render out an music loop. Cool thing about this is you can listen to the event inside the panel, and it recalls the synth or instrument used when saved. hope this helps with the clutter.