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All Volume controls are off, but I am still hearing faint audio through headphones (only when set to VSL)

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asked Feb 27, 2020 in AudioBox VSL Series by andrewbonci (210 points)
edited Mar 29, 2020 by andrewbonci
ASUS laptop Intel i7, Audiobox 44vsl

I am having an issue where all volume outputs to the Audiobox 44vsl are turned all the way down and yet I am still able to hear what is happening on my computer, both DAW and general computer things.  The signal is very faint and primarily in the right ear.  When I turn the volume of the headphones up the faint signal is overtaken and standard use does not seem to be affected by the presence of the aforementioned "leak."  Below is the equipment set up that I am using.

I have an Audiobox 44vsl and a Novation Impulse 61 which are plugged into a usb hub (powered) which is then plugged into a usb 3.0 port on my laptop.  The 44vsl mixer is set all the way to vsl and the audiobox is able to be a stand-in for my laptop's sound card (like an aux cord but usb) as well as specifically for the Cubase DAW.  The "leak" happens in all cases.

UPDATE 3/29:  It seems like this faint audio leaking in the right ear only occurs when I am running the mixer more towards the 'VSL' side.  However, there is no audio at all coming through either ear when the unit is set all the way to the 'inputs' side -- this is good.  But I am still stuck as to why I am having this issue..

This doesn't seem to affect the functionality of my equipment, but is is certainly annoying because the leaking signal isn't even in both ears.  I imagine that off should mean off as well. any help is appreciated.


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