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How to use cakewalk A-500 Pro with Studio one 4

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asked Feb 29 in Studio One 4 by lizesmit (120 points)
My goal: Use Cakewalk by Roland A-500PRO MIDI keyboard with Studio One 4. (I use a Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.6)

What have I done?

1) install the driver for Roland A-500

2) Configure the device (under "utilities" - "audio midi setup") according to the readme document

3) Open studio one and "add device" under "external devices" (I have followed step-by-step guides)

4) Add a virtual instrument to my track and there's NO sound and no connection

Three months ago I managed to get sound from it on Studio One but now it is gone and it is so frustrating! I vaguely remember doing something on the MIDI keyboard but cannot remember what it was. Maybe the problem is with the setting of the keyboard?

Can anyone help me please?

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