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Will my CDBurner not installed work in Studio One Pro v4 upgrade in my Win 10 PC ? Is there a fix yet?

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asked Feb 29, 2020 in Studio One 4 by rboyle (440 points)
I rely on my Project page to burn cd's in studio one Pro  v2.6.5 which stopped working. I have tried the fixes like uninstall/re install. Updating the driver. But it will not burn a cd. My cd burner works for Windows media and Nero. I have read all the fixes and it looks like the problem still exists in version 4 . I would like to keep using Studio One Pro and update to Studio One Pro version 4 but I see from posts that the issue is still  not fixed. One of the big features of Studio One Pro was a project page. Will Studio One fix this? I want to upgrade but what is the point if this issue is still not resolved? I have Win 10.  Creation Station pc built by Sweetwater.

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