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How can I isolate a copied note from the source so that only one bends with the bend tool?

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asked Aug 29, 2018 in Studio One 4 by williamroh (120 points)

So, I imagine I'm not the first person to run into this but I can't find anything in the FAQ and videos are all working with simple examples that don't require getting into this: I bent a note copied from another section and both the original and the copy bent; how can I isolate the two notes?

Using Studio One 4, 64bit Windows10

I copied the note from my original recording track and pasted it down onto a scrap track I use to keep track of things, and I copied it from there to another spot on the song, the edited version of the original track, where I wanted it to resonate just about a beat longer. I used bend tool to tweak it and the wave stretched in all three spots throughout the song: the original, the "scrap" copy, and the pasted (and only intended) edit. 

Can I isolate the scrap track somehow, so that anything that I paste onto it is independent of its original source in the song? Or, more directly, can I isolate editing of the copied section itself?

Assistance is much appreciated, of course; apologies if this is already handled elsewhere: please feel free to link me there! Thank you for your time!


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