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how to listen to Ultimate-Guitar and my guitar but only record my guitar

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asked Mar 4, 2020 in Studio One 4 by gr12 (160 points)
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Hi, I am just learning how to use Studio One and my amp for that matter. I have a Spider Jam and an Epiphone Les Paul.

Anyway I want to play along with Ultimate Guitar tabs to do my recording, but when I record my track it captures both the ultimate guitar output and my Les Paul. My computer is sending everything to the amp to the CD/MP3 input, my headphones are also hooked up to the amp so I can hear the computer and the guitar and I have two RCA cables leaving the amp and going to the FocusRite Scarlett Solo. It's apparent now that the amp is sending everything it gets to the FocusRite but I was wondering if anyone knew a way either to mute a channel for output purposes but not listening purposes. I would like to be able to use one set of headphones. I tried googling but I don't know the search terms. If this is a common issue, what are the key words and terms I should know?

Thank you!

"Are these play along tracks audio files you can drag into Studio One?"

--No I don't think so. Anyway I discovered that the source could be from anywhere, even other tracks I played in Studio One. As long as it's going out the headphone jack into the amp, it's going to come back through the amp, through the FocusRite, to my PC and to Studio One. Maybe it's a question for Line 6, if I can get them to not output signal that goes through the 3.5mm CD/MP3 jack.

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answered Mar 4, 2020 by joegilder (13,630 points)
Are these play along tracks audio files you can drag into Studio One?