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Can ANYONE tell me how to replace the bulb behind the red on/off switch on an old Digimax LT I just purchased?

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asked Feb 6, 2016 in PreAmps, Signal Processors and Monitoring Hardware by rgordon31 (680 points)
The only response I got from my first request was to open a ticket.  Personus' response was: Hi Randall,  Thank you for you inquire. Unfortunately, the Digimax LT is a discontinued product and PreSonus can no longer service or support parts requests.  Really?  All I've ever done is sing this company's praises.  Wow.  Any help from anyone who has one of these units would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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answered Feb 7, 2016 by gadget69 (30,300 points)
selected Jun 6, 2017 by AlexTinsley
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We get that your upset... but every product suffers EOL when the parts that were used to build the products are no longer available. The supply side of manufacturing has also been known to create huge problems as well. So your saying that the unit works fine but the power indicator doesn't work? I would have bet that was an LED and that the lack of indication means the unit isn't functioning? If it's just a bulb then careful disassembly and scrutiny of the bulb should help identify a replacement... however, if the unit does NOT function, your best bet is a reputable independent electronics repair facility.
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answered Feb 8, 2016 by rgordon31 (680 points)
Hi gadget69,

Thanks for your response.  All functions on the LT work fine (at least those that I have used thus far).  All inputs work well and I have it light piped into a relatively new Focusrite Saffire 40 that I have firewired into my MacMini (using Studio One 3.0 for my DAW).  I actually think the preamps in the LT sound as good or better than the ones in the Focusrite (they certainly provide more gain).  Also NICE to have separate phantom power options for EACH channel AND on the FRONT of the unit.  Looks like the front panel will come off with the removal of what appear to be four torx screws. Hopefully the bulb removal and finding a replacement will not be difficult.  Guess my consternation with the response from Presonus was their unwillingness to provide ANY guidance whatsoever.  I understand it is an OLD piece of equipment and no longer supported.  I have been buying and using Presonus hardware and software since I purchased an early Firepod.  Purchased a very early StudioLive 16.4.2 and was continuously amazed with the FREE! software functions via updates.  So, I guess I was somewhat surprised at the response I received.  Just wanted some guidance.  Thanks for providing it.
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answered Dec 8, 2017 by 901lonestar555 (260 points)
The power switch on your product is the same as the VXP and MP20.  The bulb is a 48 Volt AC/DC and is available for sale on Ebay now by a Seller in Taiwan.  It will also be available in about 4 weeks from a Seller in California (I just bought his last 8 bulbs on 12/07/2017 and his apparently come from the Seller in Taiwan).  The entire switch with 48V bulb is now available on Ebay from the Seller in Taiwan (I requested this a few weeks ago for my 4 PreSonus VXP units).  The switch is a DECA D16LAR1-1AB (60 Volt AC/DC)  and the Ebay listing is 142520347474 for the replacement switch with 48V lamp.  The DECA replacement bulb itself is listing 142604190011 and gets you a lot of 5 bulbs.  The Seller in California sells the bulbs for $2.00 each with $6.50 Priority Mail shipping (when he gets more bulbs in, if you buy more than 1 the shipping increases for each bulb-just request a total at checkout and he'll send an invoice which reflects the combined $6.50 shipping total-just tell Allen that Larry referred you and he'll take care of it).  I haven't checked out all of their DECA switches listed yet, but I haven't seen the required one in their store.  You MUST buy the DECA D16LAR1-1AB to work properly. The switch in wonder-co's store is $7.20 each plus shipping.  The California Seller wants $10.00 each plus shipping.  Sorry for the lateness in answering.  Contact me at if desired.
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answered Dec 8, 2017 by 901lonestar555 (260 points)
I forgot you needed to know how to do the replacement.  It's really quite simple.  Contact me for instructions on replacing the bulb and/or switch: