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How can I use my Presonsus AudioBox iOne with Zoom?

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asked Mar 23, 2020 in Capture for AudioBox i-Series by stevenrosenberg1 (150 points)
How can I hook up my PreSonus AudioBox i-One so I can use Zoom? Do I need to use Studio One? I would like to able to switch computers and only have the StudioOne  4 software on one computer. can I directly use the windows 10 settings?

Which would be a better mic to use? the xlr or the wireless?

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answered Mar 30, 2020 by josiahwhillas (200 points)
You are able to use your presonus interface for zoom with out the need to use studio one. You should be able to select the inputs of your interface inside of zoom. If not you would need to enable it in your windows.

If you did want to use studio for compression and eq on your voice, you would need to use a virtual cable to route the output of studio one to the input of zoom. A solution for this would be to use vb virtual cable.

I hope this helps