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Control voltage tools to use Studio One and DC coupled interfaces with modular synthesisers

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asked Mar 30, 2020 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by markwhittaker (610 points)
Please could you develop control voltage tools to enable Studio One and DC coupled audio interfaces (e.g. the Presonus Quantum range) to be used with Eurorack and other modular synthesisers.  I understand that this is be feasible in Studio One with the Silent Way plug-ins from Expert Sleepers but I cannot find any information on how best to implement this type of set up on the Presonus WEB site.  Both Ableton and Bitwig have implemented impressive native control voltage tools and it would be great if this capability was available also within Studio One.  In the meantime please provide an instructional video on how to use Studio One, third party CV tools and the Quantum interfaces.  This should include info on cabling for example are floating ring cables are required with the Presonus Quantum interfaces?  Thank you.

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answered Apr 1, 2020 by arndkaiser (2,280 points)

There are a number of powerful CV plug-ins solutions available that can be used in Studio One:

Expert Sleepers Silent Way:

CV Toolkit:

NI Reaktor Blocks:

We're certainly going to provide some instructional videos in the future. In the meantime, look for tutorials on these plug-ins. How to set up the audio interface isn't specific to a PreSonus interface. 

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answered Sep 30, 2022 by christopherpearson (170 points)

The suggested plugins don't exactly integrate modular with studio one.   CV Toolkit hasn't updated since 2015.  

I hate having to be creative in Live/ Bigwig and then only being able to mix bounced audio in S1.  Doesn't look like there's going to be much pressure to change that, unfortunately.  Boo no