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Studio 26c DC coupled outputs

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asked May 29 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by davidebongiovanni (120 points)
I am trying to develop a CV generator VST plugin. I am using JUCE as a framework and my Studio 26c as an audio interface, which is supposed to have DC coupled outputs. I made a simple plugin with one slider that will output the value of the slider at any given moment. Once compiled, I loaded it into Studio One, I connected my Studio 26c, activated outputs 3 and 4, then dropped the plugin onto a new track and assigned it to output 3 of the audio interface.

When I activate monitoring, I can see that the audio interface output reacts to changes in level, but it is unable to sustain constant voltages, and instead always settles back to 0 volts. It seems in fact that the outputs are only AC coupled. I wonder if I'm missing something in the setup of the plugin. Is there some special instruction that I need to send to the audio interface to "activate" DC mode?

I should mention that I repeated the test with the other outputs present on the interface with the same result.

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