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Song Designer integrated with Intro start Page

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asked Apr 3, 2020 in Look and Feel by liquidsonus (400 points)
recategorized Apr 3, 2020 by liquidsonus
I think it would be cool if there was a Song Designer tab or page on the intro page. (some of this info is already done when starting a new song but lets go further) What would this do?

This would be used to design your song and when done and executed, S1 opens and your song is ready.




How many tracks do you want to start with

instrument and audio

in the instrument tracks maybe you can preselect what VST you want.

what is your song form?  then populate the arranger track

maybe a way to populate the chord track to.

Then turn this into a template.

The basic idea here is to help stop option overload of looking at a blank session.  Help the user out. Give me that area where I can ponder how my song will be designed before I ever fully open the app.

Right now, I do all this on paper but I have to then go in and create everything and that can be an inspiration killer. If I could do it in the start page and then s1 automatically populates the data that would be huge.

Maybe have a page where you can view these templates and then mix or combine them to create different song forms or key changes. The whole idea is to look at your song from a 30K foot view before you start.

Thank you I think you guys are doing a great job. Now give me articulation mapping, video render with audio and a fat margarita and all is heaven.

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