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Can I get the "old" Ampire plug in back?

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asked Apr 4 in Studio One 4 by alcraig (310 points)
Yesterday, I upgraded Studio One 4 Pro to the latest version.

I was not aware that the Ampire plug in had been re-designed.

Now, the guitars in my most recent songs do not sound the same as before.

Is there a way to get the "old" Ampire back, so I can finish these songs?

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answered Apr 6 by robertleigh (440 points)
I have EXACTLY the same question. I, also, was not aware that apparently, an S1-4 Artist UPDATE would make that change to Ampire...I would have asked to miss class on that day. No excuse for this change, imho. No announcement of discontinuance, or reduction, of modification - nothing. Bad business, frankly. Like many others who have posted a question on this, I'm quite seriously unhappy at this development. Not a trust-engendering move.