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Is it normal to hear a diferent DI guitar sound between mixer knob on input and playback on Audiobox USB interface?

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asked Apr 5, 2020 in Recording Interface Series Feature Requests by carloscatan1 (120 points)
Im using Studio One and pro tools. I've tried also diferent guitars and the two inputs. Also re-installed the drivers and nothing seem to solve the problem. I've come to the conclusion that the problem is on the interface but i would like to know if other people had this same problem with the audiobox USB interface model

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answered Apr 19, 2020 by marcvenet (140 points)
I think I am having same problem but not sure. My guitar tone has some type of echo delay even though there are no effects turned enabled. Is this what you are hearing ?any answers.
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answered Aug 15, 2020 by marcel22 (140 points)
This is one of PreSonus's worst products, it is the audiobox that is the problem, I have tried multiple solutions and the problem still remains. It is best to make peace with it or to sell the box and get a new sound card.