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How to boost Direct DI signal of electric guitar so that it is above -24dB on Audiobox 96 USB

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asked Jan 20, 2020 in AudioBox USB by rajivmodha (160 points)
Please help me get a decent size signal for the following setup:

Fender Strat Electric with vintage noiseless pickups --> 1/4 guitar cable--> PRO D2 with -15dB pad NOT activated ---> XLR cable --->AudioBox USB 96---> standard hookup to Desktop CreationStation from Sweetwater.

Guitar crancked up to "11"; input on the interface all the way up --->In Studio One 4.6, audio track input selected as "microphone".

No issues with hooking up Keyboard audio output (Fantom X6).

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answered Jan 22, 2020 by adamrogers6 (400 points)
Why are you using a DI? You should be able to go straight into the Audiobox with passive pickups. It sounds to me like the DI box is crushing the signal completely. Is it an active or passive DI? I only use the DI box when I’m going through an amp. For ‘direct to daw’ I just go straight into the Audiobox with my Strat.