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Do any Presonus record 8+ *separate* tracks (not just stereo) on sd/internal memory?

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asked Apr 10 in MyPreSonus Questions by richardway (120 points)
Hello. I've never seen a specific question or answer to mine.

-- I was under the impression one of the Presonus models would at least be a portable recorder that does 8+ separate, simultaneous tracks, to be edited separately later, as well as bounced into a program from its internal/SD/memory stick.

Does this exist?

If not, is there a portable recorder/mixer/interface Presonus in the near future to do so? Again, recording internally, keeping all the tracks separate & able to be edited just like in a computer.

Thank you thank you!

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answered Apr 11 by Bbd (13,460 points)
The StudioLive Series mixers allow you to record onto an SD card and they are great audio interfaces with Studio One.