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Looking for additional Noise Gate parameters...

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asked Apr 20 in AudioBox VSL Series by mll1700 (190 points)
Hi, everyone. This question pertains to a Windows 10 system. I use an AudioBox 22VSL to record microphone audio into Adobe Audition. (That is my preferred DAW, owing to its simplicity for basic voiceover recording/editing.) I also have Presonus AudioBox version 1.2 software installed, which includes Fat Channel effects. However, I'm hoping to utilize a Noise Gate with more parameters than just Threshold, which apparently is all version 1.2's Fat Channel Noise Gate offers. My Presonus "bundle" also includes Studio One software, version I notice that it possesses a far more robust Fat Channel package, including a Noise Gate with parameters including Attack and Release. So, I suppose my question is:

What is the simplest means of utilizing a more advanced Noise Gate (beyond the AudioBox 1.2 software) while also being able to record to Adobe Audition AND monitor the post-Fat Channel audio in real-time through headphones connected to my AudioBox interface? My hunch is that the answer lies in feeding unaffected mic audio into Studio One, applying Fat Channel within that software, and then (if possible) routing that signal to Adobe Audition for recording. Not so simple, after all.

I would be grateful for any thoughts on the subject. My hope was that PreSonus had released an update to the AudioBox 1.2 software, with more advanced Fat Channel parameters. Alas, that software was discontinued.

My apologies for the lengthy question, and again, thanks for any suggestions!

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answered Aug 17 by AlexTinsley (906,380 points)
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Use a VST Plug-In in your DAW that meets your requirements. 

There are many VST plug-ins with the sonic qualities and controls you're looking for. 

Consider visiting to find one that meets your needs.