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No signal from AUDIOBOX USB96 after installation is complete. I have a laptop with USB3.0 ports only. Is this the issue?

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asked Apr 21, 2020 in AudioBox USB by christopherdavis27 (140 points)
I have a Lenovo G50-30 laptop with USB 3.0, 8GB ram(upgraded) and 5400RPM HDD. I currently have a problem with the sound output coming from the laptop and just wondered how to overcome this issue. I saw a video on YouTube that explained that USB3.0 is an issue with Audiobox USB96. Should i just buy a USB3.0 to USB2.0 converter?


Chris Davis

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answered Jun 17, 2020 by alecteucilide (200 points)
Hi Chris,

According to my knowledge USB2 and USB3 are kinda the same thing the difference is that with USB3 you have more speed to transfer data. I believe the problem is else where.

Good luck,

asked Jun 17, 2020 in Studio One 4 by christopherdavis27 (140 points) Studio One licensing