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No sound.

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asked Apr 28 in Studio One 4 by kellyjohnson5 (150 points)
I just got PreSonus Studio 26C. I hooked it up to computer. I can't hear nothing coming out of the computer when I record a guitar track and using Studio One 4. I can hook headphones to the back of the 26C and hear the track through the headphones but I haven't figured out how to just hear it playback through my computer's TV monitor speakers. I downloaded and installed the ASIO software. I can plug my guitar into the 26C and run Amplitude and get guitar sounds but when I run it through Studio One I get nothing. I can see the soundwave on screen with Studio One as I record it and again I can hear it through the headphones but I can't get it to run through the computer and out the TV screen monitor. Now,  I did order some TRS cables that I plan on running out of the back of the 26C and into a Peavey PV AT14 mixing board that goes into an amp and out some professional monitors that I use for Karaoke, but why can't I get the sound to come through the TV screen I use for the monitor? Again, Amplitude software is working and I am running a guitar into the 26C while using Amplitude and get guitar sounds through that software...just no playback out of TV monitor when using Studio One.

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answered Apr 28 by joegilder (13,660 points)
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The 26C is your audio interface. That means all audio inputs and outputs come from that. That's how all audio interfaces are designed to work.