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No playback sound - Studio One 4, Windows 10, Korg Kronos Music Workstation

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asked Jan 31, 2021 in Studio One 4 by anastazjazm (130 points)
edited Jan 31, 2021 by anastazjazm

Hi, okey so i have studio one 4 on windows 10. I have connected this studio with korg kronos workstation.

The program records what i play. I can see the sound movement on the small column next to the track line while playing and while recording.

I can hear what I'm playing because of the external speakers which are connected to the korg instrument.

But I can't hear the playback of recording and i can't see this sound movement while the *mute* playback is going.

I'm not using any headphones for now. I will in a future, after fixing this problem maybe someday i wish.

I have installed the ASIO4ALL v2, cause I thought maybe that could help. But nah

Maybe the problem lays in my Audio I/O Setup ? IDK 

I have only muted the system sounds and browser on my computer.

There are also 2 things that makes me wonder :

1. Why I can't see on my computer's sound panel the volume of the Studio One 4 ? 

2. The audio line from my korg instrument is Headphones - 2 KRONOS (line) ? I mean i have only connected speakers, no headphones

I assume that the problem may also be on the instrument side, after all, it's not an ordinary keyboard )

It's so messed up, i can't .    Looking for help, leads, anything honestly  :c

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answered Jan 6, 2022 by dondonaldwijesooriya (140 points)
I face the same situation ,  its so frustrating,Hope presonus will help us