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How do I apply a synth effect to just ONE midi track at a time?

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asked Apr 29 in Studio One 4 by jasonludwig (120 points)
Just downloaded Studio One4, and am a complete newbie; so hopefully this will be an easy answer! So I have two separate midi recordings, on top of eachother. One should be a "pad" sound, and the other should be a "lead"sound. But for some reason, if I apply an effect to one, it automatically applies to both... how do I avoid this?

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answered Apr 30 by matthewritenburg (9,750 points)

I am assuming you have two instrument tracks with separate MIDI clips and separate instruments inserted on the tracks like this.  Click the circled area to confirm that you have different instruments inserted on each track.  In my example I have Mai Tai inserted for the Lead and Presence for the Pad.:

If you do, then in console view you can insert individual effects for each instrument by using the channel inserts show here: