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Studio One 5: How do I turn off seeing more than one track at a time in the editor?

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asked Jul 22 in Studio One 5 by kirkevans (340 points)
In Studio One 5, when I am editing a track it shows notes from another track, and allows me to make changes to both tracks.  That is convenient when you are making changes to both tracks, but you don't always want to see both at once.   How can I turn off or toggle this feature?

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answered Jul 22 by stanthompson2 (1,010 points)
selected Jul 22 by kirkevans
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S1 ver 5 pro - In the edit window there is a menu icon on the far left called track list (hoover over it with your mouse). Click on that then click on the white dot to make the track you want to edit visible, and the tracks you do not want to edit, invisible. The name of the track (to the left and above the piano roll) is the only track you can edit
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answered Jul 23 by blakealbinson (1,410 points)
You can also double click the part in the arrange view to make the editor show only those notes.