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Has anyone ever gotten an R series monitor without the extra front panel?

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asked May 1 in Sceptre, Eris, R-Series by andrewcraig4 (140 points)

I posted a question a week ago or so. Maybe not a week quite yet? Either way. It was about the brand new (sealed) boxes of R65 monitors from a local (authorized) Presonus dealer. And 2 things. The tweeter on one of the monitors does not function at all. So none of the high mid and high frequencies do not come out of the tweeter at all.

The second deal. Which I find strange. And have not seen or heard of this happening to anyone else. Is that neither monitors have the extra black front panels in the box. And trust me, I looked EVERYWHERE in the boxes they are definitely not in there. The tech at the shop is trying to look into it by contacting Presonus with no luck either. I am not sure if they are just not working because of current circumstances or not. But I could not get in contact with anyone over the phone either. Some guy kept trying to connect me to "Support". Which is wrong according to the automated recording anyway. But I was on hold for almost an hour. Until it says some weird automated thing about messages then hangs up.

Anyway... has anyone had this happen with the R series of monitors? Has anyone ever gotten either of these monitors without the front panels? And does anyone know what is going on with support or anyone from Presonus? Are they completely closed for now? Fortunately the dealer was SUPER cool. And is loaning me their floor models until he can get the ones I purchased sorted. I must say... no.. DARE I say... I prefer them to my other well known brand of monitors that also has AMT tweeters!

Thanks guys!

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