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Why are sounds available on iPad, but not on desktop?

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asked May 10 in Notion by michaelsnelgrove (130 points)
Created a score on iPad. When opening score on desktop, many instruments that ARE available on iPad, are "not available" on the desktop version (Notion 6). Shouldn't sounds that I've purchased on the iPad be available on the desktop? I have tried downloading sounds several times, renewing license(s), etc, but to no avail.

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answered Jun 1 by jeremyhoward5 (150 points)
I am having the same issue as well.  I have been trying to contact tech support, but I keep getting the message that I am being "rate blocked" and that's as far as I get.  I'm really enjoying the Notion software and app, but I'm a bit concerned with the lack of replies from PreSonus and the inability to contact tech support.