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How to setup my Alesis Command Mesh drum Kit with midi USB in Studio One 4

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asked May 15, 2020 in Studio One 4 by ronaldszuchy (280 points)
I connected my Drum set with the midi USB from the module to my PC and tried to setup as a new instrument in Studio One 4 selecting all channels for input but I don't get any sound or movement. My module does have Midi In and Out which could connect directly to my interface as but thought the the USB is a better connection. I tried using Impact as well but nothing happens. Can anyone suggest as solution. Thanks

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answered May 15, 2020 by aka_busker (32,890 points)
Hi,  there are a number of threads about connecting V-Drums to Studio One.  In my case I set up a Roland kit to Studio One using midi over USB.  The theory is pretty much the same. You need to set the drum kit as a new keyboard and not a new instrument.  Get receive set to drum kit name.  If your module accepts midi signals being sent to it (the Roland didn't) then set it in the send setting.  Then you should be able to control Impact XT with it.  
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answered Jan 31, 2023 by joshbahn (190 points)
I am having the same problem as OP.  Despite the previous answer, these threads aren't abundant nor do they help with the Alesis Command.  Alesis isn't on the list of MIDI devices in Studio One, and I'm at a total loss how to set these things up manually.