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Losing midi signal with my Alesis edrums

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asked Oct 27, 2020 in Studio One 5 by thegeminicurse (120 points)
I am currently using Studio One V5 on a windows 10 PC and I am using an Alesis Crimson 2 Edrum kit to control EZDrummer 2. It will connect and let me record a minute or two before it loses the midi connection. I've gone through and checked the power management on my USB ports, made sure I'm not plugged into a USB 3.0, adjusted settings in the external device manager, and played with the settings in the Crimson 2 module with no change. I'm at a dead end and am seriously frustrated. Can anyone recommend a fix I haven't thought of yet? Would it be worth buying a midi cable and trying to connect it through the midi ports on my Audiobox 96? I contacted Alesis tech support but got no answer.


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answered Jan 11, 2023 by tjsiewert1 (210 points)
I'm using Alesis Command Ekit with Studio One 6 pro and this problem just surfaced for me via usb cable. Any luck finding a solution? I've reseated all cables, switched out usb cables, changed usb inputs, and, yeah. Thought I could get some tracking done tonight. Silly me.