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Will Notion transcribe Studio One 4 songs with guitar tablature and can lyrics be entered?

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asked May 20, 2020 in Notion by robertcanino (160 points)
New to Studio One 4 but having a blast with it. Primarily a guitarist/singer/songwriter. Would like to create full sheet music from the files with my lyrics added as well. Use a PC on Windows 10 and have a Studio 68c interface . My lyrics and chords/tabs are in an app called Chordle. Is Notion for me?


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answered May 21, 2020 by leedickholtz (1,440 points)
Not sure I understand your question completely, but will give it a try...

Notion lets you add tablature, or import it from MusicXML or MIDI files (if tablature is already present). I don't think the tablature actually plays out, but you can use for reference while learning/playing a song.

Notion lets you add lyrics and chords. If Chordle can export MusicXML, that would probably work for you. MIDI is another thing Notion can import... you'll have to use the Convert to Notation option, from the Tools menu. Seems like MusicXML did a better job as far as notation goes, it got elaborate tuplets correct, whereas the midi import did not... either way, you'll find there's a lot of stuff that needs fixing, and some of the guitar specific stuff didn't import. I don't think Notion lets you notate strumming direction, but you can specify arpegios.

Been exploring this import from Guitar Pro 7.

If you export from S1 to Notion you won't get what you're expecting, but you will get something that is workable, to some degree. You'll get notes, that make sense, but not the way you would write them in a notation program.

Notion is a good product, but I wish they put more resources into the development. Have found and several bugs and shortcomings. "If we fix that it will be in a future version... (hasn't happened in a year). You can suggest that on the forum for people to vote on it.. not holding my breathe. Support responses are good. I like Notion, but from a product development standpoint, the phrase 'red-haired stepchild' often comes to mind. I apologize if that's an insulting term that should no longer be used.

I like Notion because of the send to S1 functionality. Using it on Win 10.

I found Notion a bit challenging to learn. Not a fan of the way the manual is written... the wording is a bit flowery/annoying. Definitely wasn't written by an experienced tech writer.

If you're on the fence, and on the PreSonus mailing list, watch for a sale.

Yes S1 is impressively awesome. Check out Marcus Huysken's videos on Youtube, his own site, and Groove 3. He also did a course on Groove 3 that uses a workflow of starting with a Notion arrangement (for strings, but not guitars), and sending to S1.