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Can't route drums to bus channel

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asked May 22 in Studio One 4 by oskarsmuncis1 (120 points)
Hello everyone. I'm new in studio one software and I have little problem with my routing. Sorry if this post has  been already, I can't find about my problem tho. You see, I just recorded my drums, 7 channels, and I want to make a bus for drums. When I go to the mixer and select all my drums, I click on the channel to add a bus, but there no option for that. I watched several tutorials, and followed step by step, but can't find the bus option. There only group channels, but that's not the bus.

Appreciate any help.

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answered May 23 by tothrec (9,300 points)
After you select your tracks (either in Console or Track View), right-click on one of them and choose "add buss for selected channels"