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Add multiple bus channels

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asked May 26 in Mixing by ebuch (320 points)

It would be great to create many bus channels at once similar to how multiple audio, instrument, automation, and folder tracks can be created. I use a lot of bus channels and adding them one by one from the Mix window takes quite some time when building my templates. 

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answered May 28 by winstonschroeder (440 points)
selected Jul 10 by AlexTinsley
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You could do this by using macros. I just created a macro for packing, grouping and adding a bus for selected channels (in exchange search for "Pack tracks, add bus and group"). After downloading the macro, copy it into your macro directory (under windows something like "Documents\Studio One\Macros"), refresh in Macro Organizer and assign it as button to your macro toolbar.
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answered Jul 10 by bradleyprakope (490 points)
Agreed. Same goes for FX channels for the same reasons.
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answered Jul 21 by benreaves (9,720 points)
This would be great. I'd love something like the "Add Tracks" dialog but for Console channels like Bus, VCA, FX, and now Aux. Shouldn't have to do it one at a time.