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Enable advanced bus routing

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asked Jun 22 in Studio One 6 by viguier.thierry (130 points)

I need to make a delay effect, which tunes down a semitone for each repeat. I made a delay bus, and a pitch bus set to -1 semitone. I now send my delay bus to pitch bus. Since I want to make the effect repeat, I need to patch the pitch bus output to the delay bus input.

But it seems impossible, the delay bus won't show up in output selection nor send selection. How can I enable this ? My coworker working with pro tools did exactly this in literally 2 clicks...

Thanks for your help

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answered Jun 28 by rickybarr (480 points)
Hi, After reading your post I tried a bunch of combinations even tried using AUX channels but that wont work either..Studio one will not allow for signal looping within the send and return channel's. The only thing I can think of is to try dropping the signal into sample one or any instruments that have envelop filters and use automation to achieve the same effect. Or you can literally route it through your interface/mixer. Send from an output on your interface back to an input on your interface.. Have the delayed signal playing through your output on a loop then put the pitch shifter on the input channel and route it back to the track that has the delay on it use the record to layers option and you should get a bunch of layers with different pitches. Something along those lines anyway. Hope you can figure something out. All the best.
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answered Aug 16 by developer3 (250 points)
I'm having the same issue. It would be awesome if Studio one includes an option on advanced settings to disable the feedback routing protection so we can route to wherever we want.