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Temblor T10 No Sound and LED flashing Red

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asked Jun 1, 2020 in Temblor Series by georgecassidy (160 points)
Hi I have Temblor T10 Sub unit, it stopped producing sound and the LED is flashing Red about once a second, but sound is getting through to my Eris 8 monitors, so part of the circuit is working, the footswitch is Not plugged in, i have tried the footswitch but the LED continues to flash Red, can i fix this, or is this going to be an expensive repair Job.

Thanks for any help

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answered Jun 3, 2020 by georgecassidy (160 points)
Just an update, got reply from support, they say i need to return unit for repair, the T10 is 4 years old so the flat rate cost of repair and return shipping is a staggering 240 Euro = about £214 , for another £80 i can bye a brand new one, so there is no way i will return this unit for repair.