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How do I find which version of UC supports the Studio 68?

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asked Jun 5 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by geraldbritton (2,120 points)

I have just purchased a Studio 68 (not 68c) for my home studio.  I also dl'd the latest Universal control and installed all the drivers.  However, when I connect the s68 to my win10 PC, the usb light flashes blue then goes to a steady red.  

I also have an AudioBox iTwo that I've been using for a while now.  It still functions well (but I need more inputs for an upcoming project, hence the s68).  

I'm beginning to suspect that the current UC ( does not have a driver compatible with the s68.  I went to the downloads page here:

to try to find a previous UC version that supports the s68.  However, none of the release notes I read mention this device.  

1.  How can I find the version of UC to download to get my s68 working?

2.  Will that version give me problems with my AudioBox iTwo?

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