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Which driver do I use for Studio 68 USB interface in FL studio 20?

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asked Mar 9, 2021 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by danieldeom (130 points)

Hi all,

I am using the Studio 68 interface in FL studio 20 on Windows 10 and I was wondering if anyone has experience which drivers to use from the list below.

I was using the Studio USB ASIO driver but I experience that sessions get very unstable from a certain point. Even though I am using high buffer size and my processor and Ram are not at their limit (Ryzen 5900x + 32 GB 3000mhz).

Thanks for the help, best!

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answered Apr 29, 2022 by durielharris (170 points)
edited Apr 29, 2022 by durielharris

Sorry, I totally misread the question! Try the different configurations suggested in the FL Studio manual for optimizing performance. Follow the procedure step-by-step!

Hi, this is a bit late; Try the "Studio USB ASIO Driver". This is not listed anywhere in the PDF or online documentation (that I could find) and I eventually found the answer in this thread.