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Start Page: Ability To Add Notes To Objects In Recent Files List?

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asked Jun 5, 2020 in Look and Feel by LHandley (3,490 points)
edited Jun 5, 2020 by LHandley
I'm not sure which category to use for this suggestion.

When I start new songs, I don't always have a title yet (in fact, I usually don't). I have developed a naming convention for untitled works, wherein I use a genre abbreviation followed by a dash, then a date code (e.g. Rock-060520, RnB-070420, etc.)

Would it be possible to implement a feature that allows the user to add notes to the objects in the recent files list on the Start Page, or perhaps add a column that shows 2-3 lines of the Song Notes from the Song Information dialog? This could also be implemented by having a tooltip-style message pop up when hovering the mouse over a title in the list. This way, I could add a few descriptive words that will help me differentiate when I'm looking at a list of recent songs that all start with 'HipHop-' for example, and end with various date codes.

I suppose I could just name the song files descriptively, but I like to try to keep file and folder names short.

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