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Project / Song Tags for the START Page

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asked Jan 25 in Look and Feel by Wazatron (1,710 points)
Being able to add tags in the START page view to S1 files (Songs / Projects / Shows) would add so much organizational value to this page and to Studio One. Everyone works on projects for different bands, artists, projects, etc. Right now I've found the best way for me to manage organization by file name (such as "Artist Name - Song Name"), but that method introduces other challenges. There are also times when a Studio One project might be relevant to many different projects.

If S1 had tagging in the Start page, then you could filter the Recent Files list by tag and much more easily create a custom view of all s1 files that are related to the focus of your session.

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answered Mar 8 by marcotrosi (1,340 points)
I agree and I would like to see a tagging system in S1 too
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answered Mar 10 by stefanbesold (160 points)
I love this idea!

So i donĀ“t have to open every Project an can tag any File!