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68c is getting sound from condenser mic, but Studio One is not recording..Any Help?!?

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asked Jun 17, 2020 in Studio One 4 by toddmason1 (120 points)
I'm running a new MacBook Air, newest version OS 10.15, I have a Studio 68c version 4 with the most recent drivers.  I'm plugging my condenser mic into input 1 on the 68c, 48v is on, I can hear the mic through the monitoring in my headphones. I create a track in the software, set the input to input 1 (or L as its labelled in the I/O), I arm the track....nothing.  I'm doing everything right, but I'm unable to get sound into the software. Any one! Please help!!!

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answered Oct 4, 2020 by oleksandrnos (190 points)
I have the same situation with 68c but a bit worse - I can't even record a thing.
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answered Sep 6, 2021 by clintonjohnson2 (140 points)
Try adjusting the settings in universal control, it worked for me.