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Part name and abbreviation comes with ":C"

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asked Jun 18 in Notion by whaktvef (120 points)

I have been using Notion6 on Windows 8.1 for some time without any trouble.

I type in multi-part scores so that I can print parts on separate sheets for each player of an recorder ensemble.

Today, I suppose I have done something wrong unintentionally.

The part names and abbreviations on the full score are right.

The part name and abbreviation on the first part is right.

It happens on one particular part.  I want the second part be marked as "Flauto II", however, keep getting  "Flauto II : C".

Its abbreviation comes as  "II: C" instead of "II".

": C" is what Notion automatically adds to this particular part. 

After closing the file and restarting, or renaming the part , or  reassigning  instruments,

": C" appears all the same for this part.

Would you please let me know  how I can get rid of this ": C" ?
I also would like to know what have  I done to get this ": C".

P.S. For recorder-sounds (soprano, alto, tenor, bass)  are not available, I assign flute or oboe, or strings, or just piano sounds for each recorder part.  Any recommendations are welcome!

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