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Kontakt screen width not changing and cutting off part of some VST's

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asked Jan 2, 2022 in Notion by johnwaylett (1,190 points)
The Kontakt GUI width is not changing in Notion 6 to support wider VST's like Red Room's Melodics and Palette and  Kontakt's Play Series Ethereal Earth. The plug in GUI's are being cut off on the right side. This is an annoying serious bug in Notion that has been well known since at least July 2020. So many people use Kontakt with Notion. Notion supports VST plugins but apparently not Kontakt. It is not a feature so I will not add a feature request. It's a bug plain and simple. So why has it not been a high priority issue for Presonus to address and fix? Does any body else have this problem? Are there any workarounds? I can't see the articulation switch keys on the right side of my plug in instruments due to this problem.
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