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Arpeggiator - request for plain chord mode (which plays all chord notes from start, not a single not first)

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asked Jun 18 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by ekantjrgenbilling (170 points)
edited Jun 19 by ekantjrgenbilling

The NoteFX Arpeggiator has a chord mode as usual, BUT it plays at keypress (or first chord) just one single note!

After this, all notes of the chord are played according to the pattern. This is very unusual and special!

I request urgently a "plain" chord mode which just plays all notes of a played chord just from the beginning.

The chord icon on Arpeggiator emphasizes the current behavior, hence it seems to be there by purpose 

What I wish to have (and expect from chord mode) would look like 

Please adjust the chord mode or add another "plain" or direct chord mode!!!

Using the Chorder (as mentioned in an answer) is no option, as I want to play chords as freely as I want. It does not provide the requested feature.

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answered Jun 18 by matthewritenburg (12,740 points)
This might be an obvious question with an obvious answer, but have you tried the Chorder Note FX instead of the Arpeggiator?  Or tried the Chorder in combination before or after the Arpeggiator?  There is probably a way to get the desired effect that you want using the Chorder alone or with the Arpeggiator.