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Option to render the actual arpeggiator notes from a VST plugin to midi notes in the track lane

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asked Jan 25, 2022 in MIDI Editing by scottharrison8 (670 points)
I would like to see the option to render the actual arpeggiator notes output from any VST plugin that has an arpeggiator to midi notes in the track lane

This would give the user full control to edit them and make them unique quickly, which would be a powerful midi feature. A few other daw's have this. For example, "FL studio has 'Burn to midi in the instrument wrapper"

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answered Jan 29, 2022 by LBH (4,310 points)

This is allready possible. But it depend on the VST, as not all VSTs output midi notes. The VST has to output midi notes from Sequencers and Arpeggios. If it does, then just record the output.

If the VST does'nt output midi notes, then you need to record the audio output, and then convert the audio to midi notes. There are tutorials on how to do this out there.

You can also change the Sequences and Arpeggios in the synth it self. Perhaps the preset are not even using notes to make a sequence. It could be made by different kinds of modulations. A DAW can't do anything about that.

Also keep in mind, that a synths Sequence and Arpeggios midi notes are only the notes. It's not the modulations and whatever else that can be going on. So having the midi notes does'nt have to be like having the same Sequence or Arpeggio.