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Studio 1810c.: Set Headphone output to output 7/8 or 9/10 + Allow Mac OS to adjust volume from slider.

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asked Jun 20 in Recording Interface Series Feature Requests by atamonekadjulik (140 points)
recategorized Jun 23 by jonnydoyle
Studio 1810c (comparing to my older Motu usb audio interface) Its still a bomb audio interface non the less... BUT...
1- Please allow to Set Headphone output 1&2 to output 7/8 or 9/10. i thought it was 10 outs? but the universal control only set 3 different stereo mixes
2- I understand there is a mixer to adjust Line-IN input volume in Universal Control; but changing the mixer fader does not change the signal that comes in recorded in the DAW; which is also at a low level for my drum machines and synths.
3- Please allow Mac OS to control the Volume Slider from itself while interface is plugged in; while Master volume on interface stays at same position.
4- Please add an EQ to Universal Control; It is useful for dialing out bass when listening to music at night. Some type of very simple on/off EQ on the Master or Separate output Mixes can be useful.
Thank you.

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