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Audio I/O setup device not showing input (L) or (R) for recording on mac os x 10.6.8.

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asked Jan 19, 2019 in Studio One 1 by cwcw (160 points)

Audio I/O setup interface not showing input (L) or (R) for recording on mac os x 10.6.8.  

Im running a Soundblaster K3+ on an older Macbook. When plugging in the interface to the usb, the sound via headphones plays. I can hear it is on and working but when I go to record on a track. An alert pops up saying the "sample rate does not match your audio device configuration" The rate you set is 44.1 khz. The rate the device is set is 96.0khz. I go and adjust it in the settings to 44.1 and nothing. 

It shows its recording but no input from mic is laid down to the track. When I go to the system preferences, it shows the system is set to input and output for the mic. The system shows its working. 

The audio i/o setup is not showing that I can select a left or right input. Seeing the bars on the track when recording does not show audio being heard. 

Control panel is greyed out. I have attached pics! Please help!

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