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How do i set stereo outputs from the general outputs of my Firestudio Project for headphone mix sends?

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asked Feb 19, 2016 in FireStudio Series by cristofferpaulshus (150 points)
I have been trying to use the paired general outputs to have some sets of stereo mix sends for the people being recorded to listen while recording. I have read through various forums and checked out all supposed "solutions" in both the Universal Controls setup and in Studio One 3. I seem to get the sends out but no matter what i try the stereo mix only gets sent to the left headphone. Even if i try to put the jack in the "right" channel it still only ends up on the left headphone. I have tried to use a double male to single female connector, same result. Anyone have any clue as to what im doing wrong?

System info:
PC with Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
Studio One 3 Professional
Firestudio Project Driver 5486

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answered Jul 21, 2016 by ryanmiller13 (18,150 points)
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The outputs on the back of your FireStudio are mono only.  Using outputs 3/4, your 3 is the left side and 4 is the right.  This should be sent to a headphone amplifier that accepts a L/R independent signal.