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Quantum Outputs 1-8 don't work when using Quantum as part of a Multi-Output device on Mac.

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asked Jun 23, 2020 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by jeffreycastro (160 points)
I'm been Live Streaming Solo acoustic performances out of Logix Pro X using the Quantum for a while now.  I setup a Mulit-Output Device on my Mac using Audio MIDI Setup, and chose the Quantum as the Master and Soundflower as the other Output.  I then setup Logic Pro X to use the Multi-Output Device as it's Output and I get great sound out of the Quantum Headphone outputs directly out of Logix, and bring the Soundflower output into OBS for streaming.  Works great. I recently added the rest of my band and realized I wanted a separate mix for some of our monitors.  For some reason none of the outputs 1-8 work when using a Multi-Output device (even though one of them is the Quantum).  I'm working around the issue but it's a real pain.  Any advice?

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answered Jun 25, 2020 by jeffreycastro (160 points)
Figured this out myself.  The answer is to not use "Multi-Output Device" and instead create an "Aggregate Device" with Quantum as the Master and Soundflower(2ch) with drift correction enabled.  Once you do this and select the Aggregate Device you created as your output in Logic, you'll have your 1-32 Quantum outputs and the Soundflower Outputs (2) will be outputs 33&34.  Then bus the mix you want to send to OBS to ch. 33&34.  Since you'll probably want to send your main mix there, the easy way to do this is to go to Preferences/Audio/I/O Assignments and select channels 33&34 as your output (if you also check the "Mirroring" option your main mix will still to the main outs as well).  The last step is to make sure your Audio Input or Desktop Input in OBS is pointed at Soundflower(2ch).