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Change instrument feature doesn't do anything (useful)

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asked Jun 24, 2020 in Notion Feature Requests by andrslajosbrosk (640 points)

I have tried using the "change instrument" feature (shift + I on Windows10) in several different scores but it simply doesn't seem to be working. The whole point of changing the instrument for me is to hide or unhide the TAB for a guitar piece (I'm working on a book for beginner guitarists and therefor I decided to stop using Musescore and go with something more professional that wasn't created by AVID, the servent of the devil...)

I've tried adding two separate instruments for this in score setup. Let's say, I want the first 8 bars to show a TAB + standard stave (for the intro of a song), then another 8 bars where I want to see only a standard notation stave (for the chord progression). I can do this with the "hide resting staves" feature, which would be awesome but these staves get automatically unhid upon inserting a rehearsal mark. More about this in another ticket I'm going to have to open...

The "change instrument" feature sounds like a logical solution to my problem but that just simply doesn't work. I've tried changing grand staff to single staff, standard + tab into only standard, and all the way around, even absolutely random instruments into other absolutely random instruments. All the feature does is to insert a text showing the name of the new instrument... well, thanks, I can do that with a simple text box... I actually want to change the qualities of a staff for a few bars midsong, that's it.

Please upvote this and try to get it sorted as I really want to love Notion and other PreSonus products but this program is showing more and more signs of complete lack of flexibility that other (FREE!) software has no problem handling...

Thank you!

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