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Connexted Spark amp audio interface to computer and now all ausio is disabled

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asked Jun 26, 2020 in Studio One 4 by konstantinosbelonis (150 points)
Tried to install Studio One 4 yesterday.  Today, I still can't close the Studio One program because I get a dialogue box saying that files are still being downloaded. In top of that, now all audio is disabled and iTunes does not work at all: songs do not play. Plus, the Spark audio interface is not recognized.

The computer: Dell Inspiron 3671, 64 bit, 12 G RAM, running Windows 10

Sound: Intel Display Audio, ver.

Audio interface: Positive Grid Spark Amp, firmware ver.

 using Sturio One 4 software

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answered Aug 7, 2020 by Jamesrhone1 (200,340 points)
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Please refer to this article:

If that does not help, please contact Positive Grid directly. They are the best source for setup help with the Spark Amp.