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No output from out of the box Presonus Quantum 2626.

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asked May 24, 2020 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by michaelamann (310 points)
I have this exact issue! Output from my macbook air works fine but any external input is blocked even through the headphone jack. Universal Control shows input to the interface and my macbook and studio one both recognize my Quantum 2626, but something in Mac OS is blocking output from the interface. I previously had an issue with UC not installing. I fixed that by allowing applications from downloads, then my device was recognized, now there is no output from external sources so it's just a really expensive way of listening to Itunes!
"What's interesting is I can play music through iTunes on my Mac and that comes through the Quantum 2626 output no problem, and I hear iTunes music loud and clear through both the monitors and headphones I have attached to the Quantum. I have the Quantum hooked up via a Thunderbolt 3 cable...."

I can't get the thing to work. It comes with Universal Control software which has meters for inputs and outputs. I can see the input signals coming in. I've tried running a mic into it and my Axe Fx III via SPDIF. Input meters light up with signal for both cases. But nothing is coming out of the outputs. I can't find any way to route input signals to outputs. And Presonus' manual is very minimalistic and not helpful. I've tried contacting support, no response yet.

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answered May 27, 2020 by anthonycervantez (400 points)
Ive been waiting for an answer from Presonus for a total of 10 Days now. Honestly, its to the point that other online forums like Gearslutz are seeing and talking about this stuff. I don't understand how they can have such shoddy support, even with a company as notorious as Microsoft will make you pay to get a repair done, they get it done and confirmed within 4 days.  

Presonus get your stuff together, don't make your support tickets wait without no explanation. If you're having your staff code new firmware or drivers, then tell your customers. Simple as that. Your products are worthless to me if your service can't even do something as simple as a text reply.

I'm gonna copy and paste this to three other unanswered questions. Presonus, you deserved to get flamed at this point. Answer our questions.
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answered Jun 6, 2020 by gerlindagrimes (180 points)
I'm having this issue too - did you ever get an answer?
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answered Jun 7, 2020 by williamciteroni (180 points)
I’m also having this issue.  And can’t find help anywhere. I’m about ready to box up and ship back to Sweetwater and go Focusrite!
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answered Jun 7, 2020 by michaelamann (310 points)
I DID!!!! I'm using MAC OS. I have been for years and previously I was using an older Mac running Snow Leopard and Pro Tools Express. I noticed that the sound drivers in Mac OS are not happy if you put the lap top to sleep. I had a consultation with Sweetwater and we got my set up working. I listened to it for a while, put the lap top to sleep, came back and NO SOUND! I remembered that my old lap top had issues with sound recording software when I used sleep. So I just closed everything down and restarted clean and everything worked. It's pretty disgusting to see that Mac has this latent issues from Snow Leopard still dragging our workflow down in Catalina. That's so Microsoft Windows!
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answered Jul 12, 2020 by alexbyrd3 (160 points)
Not just a Mac issue. I have this same issue in Windows 10 ‍♂️. About ready to pack it up & replace it.
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answered May 12 by adamspencer2 (140 points)
I know this is an old post but I was having this same issue with my Quantum 2626. I could hear sound from Ableton’s suite but I could not hear sound from my external hardware. I could see audio was receiving but not outputting the sound.

I knew because I could hear sound coming through the interface on some programs that it was not the Quantum, it was something in the DAW settings. After playing around I found you need to create an audio track in Ableton and set your inputs and outputs on that track to the inputs and outputs you are using on the Quantum. Sorry for the vague explanation but that is what worked for me. Hope it helps people.