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Recording from both the Positive Grid Spark Android App and the Spark amp

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asked Apr 27, 2021 in Studio One 5 by skiptannen (130 points)

I'm new to this game and having some trouble figuring out how all this stuff works together. My guitar is plugged into a Positive Grid Spark amp, and the amp is connected to my Windows laptop via USB. With this configuration I can record tracks in PreSonus Studio One. I also have the Spark Android app connected to the amp via Bluetooth - I get output from the Spark app through the amp, but when I try to record I don't get anything in Studio One. It appears that Studio One is not recognizing the output from the app even though I'm hearing it through the amplifier. I would love to be able to record both the Spark app output and my guitar's output at the same time. Is this possible? Am I just missing something in the setup?

I hope I've explained this well enough. This is all a lot to take in but it looks like between the Spark App and Studio One there are tons of possibilities! Thanks in advance for any help!

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