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Is there a tool to tune voice recording in A 432 hrz, and convert previous recordings in that pitch, too?

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asked Apr 27, 2020 in Studio One 4 by SaraD (180 points)
I have Studio One 4, I've tried to set the piano in A, 432 hertz, but my keyboard is a very basic model, so, I havenĀ“t succeed on that, so, I was wondering if there is a tool or a plug-in that I can buy to do that, with my keyboard and for voices. Thanks for your response.

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answered Apr 28, 2020 by dixietaylor (240 points)
I used Melodyne, and tuned it to 432.  I had this same problem.  It seemed to work, but I made sure to do this before adding effects, etc. because I didn't want to add anymore complications.