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Migration from StudioLive mixer to StudioLive AI mixer (especially presets for Scenes, Fat Channel, EQ, etc.)

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asked Feb 21, 2016 in Ai Mixers by haywoodh (150 points)
We have been using a studiolive 24 and are thinking about upgrading to 24 (or 36) AI mixer.  We have invested a lot of time building our presets (scenes, and fat channel settings, etc) that we'd like to migrate some how to a new AI instead of starting from scratch.  Is there a way to do that?  Is there any other migration issues that we should be aware of?

Our current mixer and the VSL software/drivers are at their latest releases.  VSL is running on Win7.  Thank you.

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answered Feb 23, 2016 by AlexTinsley (797,960 points)
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There is no automated way of doing this.

VSL was replaced with VSL-Ai, which was also retired and replaced with UC Surface.

The mix engines are different and migrating existing settings would not sound the same, Manually by hand writing them down is the only way.